Edgar Lawson for President

Now  with dangers to America at their greatest, Now at the end of our Founding Father's vision for us. We continue our thirty year drift toward extinction as a Nation. I have accepted the dangers to myself, But  I cannot, And will not accept the dangers to America, And Americans.

I announce my running
for President in 2016.

The gains of the Socialist's, ( Formerly known as Democrats, And Liberals ), Against our hard won freedoms are temporary, The best time to break their grip is now, Before they get a good grip on the workings of our Republic.

If you only need someone to answer the Telephone, Then vote for my opposition. If it is to be a beauty contest , I will surely lose. At present I am 25 Candidates out of first place. To advance I must pickup every issue my opponent's want  dropped. I  will  travel the fly-over States of this nation, And discuss these issues with them.

  • Zero Government growth over my four years in office.
  •  No pay for myself as President.
  •  Thirty day tax free holiday, Begins July 4, 2017, Ends August 4, 2017.
  •  Energy Security, Or the use of all Natural Resources.
  • Full Employment.
  • Cut Government  by the amount it Wastes, looses, Is stolen on a yearly basis.
  • Small business and Start-up Waivers for three years, And allow them to survive.
  • Lock down our borders, And have our light armored units patrolling in the south, And utilize  Snowmobile patrols along our Northern Border area.
  • Establish a National, And an International Lobby Lottery, And have an NGO, To monitor it's operations.
  • End the Practice of Government, And certain Politician's from Stalking American Women, And Girl's.
  • Purge all State and Federal Rules, Regulations, Mandates, And Executive Orders, Keeping only those of benefit to all Americans..
  • Standardize all Military issue of small arms and Equipment.
  • Introduce F.I.T.  Or  Finalized Individual Treatment, To replace the present Socialized Medicine debacle.

As President I will place the welfare of this Nation above the welfare State.


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