Energy Security

    We call each other stupid, Both we who can see another's folly, And those who assume a caretaker's stance.I have heard the thin arguments of those who would save the earth, But cannot protect that in a flower pot, And those for one reason or another who espouse the use of all of our underused Natural Resources.As a candidate for President in 2016, I can bring to the debate my actual involvement with the products in question,These include Recovery, Storage, Accountability, Issue, Transit, Quality Control, And end usage disposition. Both in a Wartime environment , And  non combat operations.

    Adolph Hitler, Went to war over Oil, Gas, Coal. His Germany did not have enough of the resources to sustain his mission of  World Conquest, He invaded his neighbors to the South.

    Japan did not have the Natural Resources to carry out it's conquest of Asia , It turned on it's island neighbors.

    As President, I will not go to War for needed Natural Resources, I will go for our's.

     As a nation of it's own wealth, And by the way, More than any other nation, We can do the following for the next six generations of consuming Americans.

       Get the XL Pipeline up, And online.

        Return certain energy potential lands to the states they were confiscated from.

        sign nothing as regards the Kyoto Accords.

         Close both  North, And south borders to prevent possible Terrorist Sabotage efforts against our Electrical grid, And related systems.

          Get the Federal Government out of TVA ,Operations and have a  return to regulated electricity rates, As it now stands some monthly Utility Bills are larger than the family Mortgage.

            We can increase our national timber production by 200% , By simply planting three seedlings for every tree harvested.

             We can start in 2017, A National Coal Reserve of some five Billion tons, That could be located in the East and West of the United States. This reserve could be of value should we suffer a Thermal Storm, Or National grid Interruption, Or Terrorist attack. 

             Some European Nations now depend on Russia to supply their Oil, And Gas needs. Russia may or may not, Depending upon their mood at any given time, Or ability to supply. We must do all that we can to insure these Nations get the fuels they need.

              We as a Nation must look to our own needs, We cannot ,Must not look to another Nation to provide a product that we have the most of.Energy, Or Natural Resources are weapons of a Nation that has possession of them,That makes use of them.

               As funds become available, We must begin the construction of a freshwater, Pipeline that would tap into the Great Lakes Waterways System and point it west to areas prone to dry-spells. This pipeline would come with take-off Spurs along it's route. It is doable, And private sector, Non tax-payer dollars would be used for it's construction.

              Some people believe in Global Warming, I do not. I do believe in using our underused natural resources, And now. With over a three hundred year deposit at our disposal, Should we be waiting seven weeks for a tanker to arrive from Saudi Arabia ? Should Americans pay $4.50 a gallon for gas. $ 4.56 a gallon for Kerosene, $3.86 a gallon for Diesel fuel?  I have worked with all types of energy, All of forty years, All over the world. Our gifts go unopened





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