Foreign Policy

A strong Foreign Policy, Is a weapon of a nation. It  must take on a written form, Be communicated clearly, And backed up by the force behind it.

Since our traditional enemie's are now more eager to expose their true intentions toward what they consider a weakened and declining America, We can better counter many of their moves against us.

Since we have nothing to gain from hitching rides to the International Space Station, I as a candidate am for our total pullout from the program, Recent changes in our relations with some members also call for it.

Mr. Snowden , Has found a permanant home in Mother Russia.His Fatherland can do without his sort.

I am for Keeping GITMO open, A war has been declared upon us. We must be as seriouse as our enemie's are, At it's prosecution, And a win that favors us.

Aid to Egypt is agreeable to me, It's Military rule, Is a stabilizing factor in a region in need of it.

We still have Military Dependents in South Korea, Who are still in great danger, And will be as long as North Korea is as unstable as it is.

Shuttle Diplomacy, Will no longer be practiced under my leadership. I am for consolidating all diplomatic, And Government travel in an effort to save ware and tear on perconnel, finances.

I am for the recognition of a Kurdish State, The Kurds have earned this right.

The last eight Presidents have wasted taxpayer dollars, Countless hours of negioation on the situation in Gaza/West bank. I am unwilling to watse another second, Israel has nothing left to offer, And the Palistinian people have nothing to accept.

Iran can have a Navy, An Army, An Airforce, An Economy, A communications Capability.It however cannot have a Nuclear Weapons Program.

Sanctions that are presently in place, Will be maintained, And upgraded as the need arises.

I would have Military Troops Patrolling both Southern, And Northern Borders . I have already Identified these Units, And their supporting Aviation Cover.

No Cash will be offered as part of Foreign Aid.

I am for the formation of a Middle East Possee, That is made up by Nations such as Egypt, Jordan, Yemen,Quwait, Iraq, The Kurd Nation, Afghanistan, UAE, Ethiopia,And possibly Saudi Arabia. Sponsor for the project could be the United States, And Allie's.

Embassy Funds have Habitually been squandered. I am for their elimination.

All Terrorist's  to Military control. No terrorist's in mainland jails, Or prisons.

I would restore lost military strenth, And capability. The Constitution provides for this ,It does not mention Judicial awards, Forced Association, Honorable restraint.

PLO representation in America, Is unnecessary, I am for them closing shop, And selling their hatred elsewhere.

Currently 125 nations recieve Foreign Aid, We need to update our choice's as to who recieves it.

Eastern Europe has requested anti nuclear deterence, As President , I would provide for such.

As President i would deliver this speech on the nation of Israel...

I and the Majority of America's population stand with the people and the nation of Israel, And will until all things end...

I am for maintaing President John F. Kennedy's position on Cuba. I take no pleasure in their long term suffering.



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