All To The Wall, is my initiative to rapidly erect our Wall, And Fence in some places along our Southern border with Mexico. I am for employing Veterans that would get first priority in filling these jobs. Then concentrating on hiring from the millions of other workers that are now unemployed. In conjunction with this effort, My plan is to patrol the border's extent with Mobile active duty Military forces, With supporting Aviation Elements. To ensure the safety and security of those working on this National Project. I admit to plagiarizing a Biblical event that it would resemble.


    I, For my part have already identified many of the units that would participate in this border project, Large scale deployment would not be necessary, The chance for our Military and Civilian personnel to work in tandem would prove most valuable.

     My objective, And that of the American people is to do the following.

      Finish the Fence/Wall along our border with Mexico.

      Seal this Avenue of approach for Gunrunners, Sex trafficking, Drug smuggling, Terrorist Infiltrators, Those fleeing criminal charges in other nations of Central and South America, Mexico, And points beyond.

       Controlling the spread of transmitted diseases such as Ebola, And those now resurfacing on our side of the border.

       We must stop the dollar drain now taking place as a result of the enterprises listed above.

        Once Construction is underway, We can ban unwanted  gangssuch as MS13, The Mexican Mafia, And Muslim Brotherhood, And deport all found within our sovereign borders.

          Take another look at the so called Anchor Bill, And reassess our need for it.

           I  am a candidate who is in favor of ending foreign aid to those Nations who can, But wont control their borders.Other measures will not be overlooked by me.

            The current Foreign workers program, Is working out very well for organized crime, International gangs, And third economy members, I would freeze this activity, And investigate the same.

             Persona Non Grata worked, Will work, I am for returning it to work.

            Under my Economic Leadership if elected , There would be a need for millions of new permanent, And temporary workers, But not now, Not in this present Devitalized Economy of Socialized construction..

              I will offer no Amnesty, Americans don't want it, And do deserve to be heard every now and then.

               The problems we have with immigration,Are those that it creates. I am in favor of freezing all immigration ,Until we can find out who is here, And who is supposed to be. Until we can remove all visa over stays,Remove all Sex Trade workers that are here as a part of our foreign workers programs, Drug Cartel operatives, And Terrorist Cell members.

                 We cannot afford another four million Dependents, We could use four million dependables,A nation of laws simply cannot afford four million law breakers.A Republic, The only Republic cannot assume the Cultures of all 193 nations, Our Laws cannot be twisted, And tortured until they become Foreign to Americans.They must be maintained,All of them, All of the time, By all within our borders.

                   What has to be done for America, Will have to be done by Americans !


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