National Defense

      Once again, We find ourselves' weakened when strength is required of us. Only one of our last five Presidents have demonstrated an understanding of Military strength, And it's proper application. The next President simply cannot be another paper pushing, On the job trainee in the art of military jargon, Statistics', And deployment. The next President will have to know what he has , And how to use it. He will have to contend with at least five traditional enemies' of freedom worldwide, His Political, Economic, And Domestic battles should be an everyday occurrence.

      To recover some ground lost , I have laid out the necessary moves below. Tactical considerations, And their application have been omitted. All recommendations are geared toward the security of the nation.

       All is compromised ,This must be assumed, I consider it a fact. The Southern border with Mexico is wide open. The Border Patrol is being paid to do a job that they are not allow to do.This avenue of approach onto American soil go unguarded, Unprotected.Everybody and the Muslim Brotherhood are using it,Everybody that does not care for our laws, Our people, Our lives.

       As President one of my first actions would be to place troops on standby for movement to our borders, That with Mexico, That with Canada.Their orders would be to turnaround everyone both within our perimeters and without, No exceptions. Detain where needed, Deported at sunup.

      All Terror Suspects will be handed over to military control.

      GITMO , Will be kept in usage, No Terrorist will be held in mainland prisons.

       I will remove all Military Dependents from South Korea, As a precaution against sudden mind changes in North Korea.

        I Want the the border fence to go up in a fast manner, I am for giving the jobs to former military personnel. I have already identified Active duty Military units for border duty. I have also identified air support elements that are to fly cover.

       I am for returning ROTC training to the high school level, I know this is taking place, in some places. I want to broaden the extent.

       I  will return the military to 2008 levels, This due to the signals we have been sending to our opponents, Due to the signals we have been getting from them.

       Under my leadership East European nations would get the Anti Nuke batteries' they have requested, And the Trainers for the project.

        T o better spend Military dollars, And possibly save a few. I would Standardize all military equipment and individual weapons. This would add utility, And ease ammunition requirements and availability.

         A national Veteran's Triage is needed, We must and without the usual long and drug out Government way of doing it. As a former soldier , I know to well how this system of doing things is supposed to work, But does not.

         A review of all War Crimes Trials as concerns the middle east is necessary, We need to insure the integrity of our Military Justice System ,We must twice consider combat related Crimes, And associated Trauma.

         Drones are a war time application, They represent great dangers to public safety, And National Security when made available on a commercial market. They are a violation of every American's privacy. For these reasons plus those of a tactical nature, I am for their removal from American air space.

          Current Terrorist groups have Declared Total War on America, And Americans. We can do no less ,As a nation that is unwilling to be bullied by the Military might of all nations combined, Or those who cover their face's, And appear on VHS tapes. As President i would sign our declaration of war, And persecute the same.

          Our Arial tanker fleet is aged, And in need of replacing,This situation is of long standing. We simply must take an interest in our defense needs, All of them and act in 2017 to plug these gaps.

           As President i will be just smart enough to allow our Military leaders to lead, And our soldiers to soldier. I will understand that war gives way to those who know it. And i will know war.


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