National Initiatives

        Energy Security.The exploration , Recovery, And usage of All American Natural resources to include Coal, Oil, Natural Gas, Lumber, Baggas, Tar Sands,Rare earth oxides.

        Zero Government Growth, Over over my four years in office.

        We can as funds become available, Add them to the resources of the private sector and begin the much needed work of rationing a Parallel Grid .

        As President i would end our membership in the Nations who practice Infanticide, And killing of our Replacements.

        The establishment of a thirty day Tax Free Holiday that would begin on 4 July 2017, And end on 4 August, 2017. The boost to the national economy would be of great help for all Americans.

        By the planting of three saplings for each tree harvested, We can raise timber production by two hundred percent between harvest times.

        In light of recent Gang activity and growth, I would be for using more government assets for gang abatement. I would also ask big city leaders to consider curfews for those under eighteen years of age.

        Academia can, And should offer their student clients more that a piece of paper upon graduation. A rebate of 25% total tuition would be in order For those grad's with a 3.6 GPA, Or higher , In soon to be needed specialties' like Engineering , The Sciences, Math, Space , Academia could offer such a  head start, And without Government help and interference.

        To alleviate the drastic drought conditions of the west, A double duty fresh water pipeline that taped into the Great Lakes deposits would be a major innovation, And create millions of new jobs in states to the west of  Federal City.

        At any given time in America some eighty thousand people are on the list's for organ donations.About sixteen of these folks die a week, Because non become available to them. I would sign a bill that would allow citizens to donate their organs to Hospital and Medical Instructions that would agree to pay for the donor's final Burial Expenses. This would save American's billions of dollars annually.

        Attempted Socialized Medical Care, Will as proven Bankrupt this nation, End any growth of every type, Continue to add to the now 18 Trillion National Debt. And make the Wallet, And Purse obsolete. I favor a return to the Doctor/Patient medical system. I would as President call for a Medical Summit. This summit would include all members of the medical community. All treatments, Medications, Equipment, Nursing care, Procedures, Insurance needs, And pricing would be discussed, Voted on, And set in place for a ten year period after which time a second summit would determine changes to such a program.(  Finalized Individual Treatment, Or F.I.T. Would be free of Government involvement and interference, And once again become the child of private enterprise .}










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