Zero Government Growth

        I will accept no pay as President.

        Government, And Politicians will no longer be stalking Women, And Girls.

        His and Her Jets , Gone

        Shuttle Diplomacy, Gone.

        Lying as a second Language, Gone.

        No White House polls.

        No Government Advertising.

        No Recreational Sex items, Or medications will be offered.

        No Bailouts of any type, For anyone, Or Institution.

        No Subsides, For any type of Energy Generation.

        No Foreign Abortion Funds.

        The Citizenship of all Terrorist's will be stripped away.

        Government Removal, And Claims against Internet, Removed.

        China on a repay plan.

        No Government Spending, Borrowing, Loaning.

        Military Patrolled, Closed Borders, With Aviation Support Elements.

        Out of OPEC, And Energy Insecurity.

        Pay down National Debt, From cuts in wasteful Government Duplication.

        No Partial Birth Abortion, No Government involvement in such activity.

        Standardize Military Small Arms, And Equipment for all Branches, Use savings to fund a needed increase in troop strength.

        Leave the International Space Station, And concentrate on our return to space.

        We will offer no cash as part of Foreign Aid.

        No Amnesty for Tress passers, On American soil.

        No Legislative Bills with riders.

        Out of Hawaii, If that is what the Hawaiian people want.

        Out of the World Trade Organization.

        Rethink the Gold Standard, And possibly replacing it.

        Consolidate all Economic Weapons, And their placement.

        No Further dumping of Foreign Products on the shores of America.

        Eliminate Tax Growth for my term in office.

        Require Voters to provide ID cards.

        Remove Overstays from American soil.

        No Limo's , SUV's if you please.

        Whistle Blower Hotline, With Monetary Rewards.

        No Super funds, Slush funds.

        Blow Border Tunnels.

        No Holdovers from last Administration.

        Out of Kyoto, Cap & Trade.

        No Embassy funds.

        A  purge of all Rules, Regulations,Mandates, Executive Orders. Both at the Federal, And State levels.

        A look at America's one hundred and five million Charities', And what it is they are doing for those in need of charity.

        A consolidation of all Government travel.

        Death Panels, For both Seniors, And Children gone.

        No earmarks.

        125, Nations receive Foreign aid from America, Aid of no kind is returned.

        Rogue Agencies' will be Stood down, Investigated, And dissolved if needed.

        All excess Government Equipment will be sold at auction, All funds will be returned to the treasury department.

        I, will work closely with the CBO, GAO, And my own Financial Advisors in spending less, Spending on only what is necessary, While at the same time encouraging the private sector to participate in getting America , Going again. 









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