About the Candidate

       Edgar A. Lawson, Was born all day June 6, 1946 in Valley Creek Tennessee. His father Jake Lawson was a coal miner, His mother Maude, Lawson was a housewife.His Childhood and Youth were unremarkable.Lawson was drafted into the Military in December 1964, And was schooled in several area's of specialization.Between breaks in service Lawson went on to act in several motion pictures, And low budget films. His degree is in Science from New York University
       Retiring in 1988, Mr. Lawson founded several  business ventures, for which he sold at a profit to include a book publishing company, Coffee shop, And Intel Properties Brokerage.Married since 1979, Mr. Lawson and his wife have children, And grand children.
        Mr. Lawson is a published Poet, Author, Songwriter. He is the founder of Topical Philosophy, Of which advocates thought upon present thinking. He controls over Two Thousand Intellectual Properties, And can be found in Who, Is Who World.Mr. Lawson ran as a Republican write-in Candidate in 2012. He is presently working on the Independent film, ( The Man ,The Sea Kept ),Of which he has placed on hold, In order to concentrate on his 2016 Campaign.



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