All to the wall . Or erecting the wall with Mexico in quick order , And using our unemployed Veterans to carry it out. The Military would provide Security , With Combat Aviation providing air cover. I have already identified the units that what would participate.

        Round-up all Aliens within our borders , Of all nationalities' , And deport without delay

Posted on 15 May 2016, 20:32 - Category: FULL EMPLOYMENT


      1600 PA Avenue open to traffic.

       No shuttle diplomacy.

       No pay for Eddie Lawson as President.

       No automatic pay raises for Government employee's.

       No Government advertising

       No Surgeon General.

       No gift's to me as President.

       No  Government stalking of Women and Girls for Political purposes.

       No more Honorable Restraint in combat operations.

       No apologies' for the acts of the past Presidents.

       No blaming them for my short comings.

       No political hit list.

      No  Golf lessons.

      No more Swiss foreign policy.

      All  present administration employee's out.

      No raised debt ceilings.

      No  slush funds.

      Disposal of all new seven states.

      No Eternal vacations.

      A All  Access to all Monument , At all times.

     No Limo's.

     I will sign a Term Limits bill.

     Cut UN funding by 50%.

     Purge all Federal and State rules , Regulations, Mandates , Executive orders , And  Inter Office dictates.

    Cuts  to all Agency's by yearly losses , Theft , Incompetence , Waste ,Fraud , Neglect.

    Zero Government growth of the four years of my term.

    Office of the first lady gone. of the first lady gone.

     Cut Government staffing by thirty percent over two years.

      Full use of Camp Recovery as a base of operations.












Posted on 15 May 2016, 20:21 - Category: WASHINGTON CHANGES


        No tax on over sea retiree's.

        End marriage penality tax.

        No inventory tax .

        No tax on IRA's .

        No tax on Internet sales.

        Tax on Generic Drugs.

        25-10-5 Tax Rates.

        Discontinued EIC

        A 15% tax on oversea earnings.

        30 Tax Free Days a Year.

        No new tax during my four year term.

         7 page tax reporting.

         Three year tax waivers for new Small Businesses and start-ups.

         15% on inherentience tax

          This list is not inclusive...........





Posted on 15 May 2016, 15:57 - Category: Tax Reform 2017


      A  strong national security program ,Is not a large standing Army ! That Army has to be fit to fight , Well armed ,It  has to be free of Political considerations , Social Experimentation , And all of the Determents' to it's Engagement , Overcoming , And Defeating it's Enemy's.

       Mistakes don't exist , Until we make them . As a Nation our mistakes keep piling up . To elect most of the Politician's that we do are mistakes , To keep voting for them , Is to keep adding to our mistakes . It is the same story with the President's we elect . Reason must overcome Emotions , Substance in Candidates must be sought-out , Political Party wishes must be ignored , We simply must stop wasting the currency of our Votes on Politicians only and start choosing more people from the Private and Public Sectors.

        Our Enemies' are no longer those without our borders , They live down the block . We have been importing the opponents of our Freedoms for years now . All has been compromised as of this writing . Evidence of this are the attacks upon our Police Forces , Expanding acts of Anarchy , Acts of violence upon each other  for whatever reason , Hugh increase's in Gang activity and attempts at Christine Persecution . The list of such activity goes' on and on. The activity must , However end if we seek security within our borders.

         Every Nation in the world patrols it's borders except America .


Posted on 8 May 2016, 10:12 - Category: NATIONAL SECURITY

Cant we just get it on

If this was just an election, We could just go along with what  a few of us want.We can no longer afford such an attitude towards politic's. All is compromised now, Our Borders lay open to all traffic,The numbers of those participating in Anarchy are growing, Skin-Vendors peddle their wares' openly, Much of our population act as if they don't know how to. If all of this was just our imagination we would be lucky.

Posted on 13 Jan 2015, 14:13 - Category: reign of ignorance

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