Full employment

      Full Employment does away with handout's from big Government. Work bestows value upon the those engaged in it. Americans want to work, Earn, Support a Family.As a candidate for President i cannot promise you a job,  If i am honest i cannot promise you anything. I can only hope to gain your support in getting you back to work. Opportunity is banging at our door, A future to bright to look upon could be America's, I would have us working on the projects listed below.

       XL pipeline, Go ahead.

        A 5 Billion Ton National Coal Reserve, To counter a possible Solar Storm Blackout, Terrorist Hacking effort, Or Grid attack.

         We can increase our farm crops production by 30%, The Markets are there, The need to produce more have always been.

          My program of Energy Security would create Millions of positions, Return America to the number one producer status of years past, Lower our own cost's, And have us exporting a variety of products.

           I, Am for restoring Military strength to it's 2008 level.We must restock our Munitions Bunkers, And magazine,Replace spent Tomahawk missiles, Ammunition of all Calibers.We can save Billions of dollars by Standardizing Individual Weapons and Soldier Equipment, These Billions could go toward better pay for the troops, And other badly needed expenditures like replacing our aged Ariel Tanker Refueling Fleet,

            Our control over nothing can take place until we can control our borders.In order to provide jobs for our people we must protect those jobs from falling into the hands of people that are not supposed to be in our country.In order to defend the American dollar we must stop it's loss to Drug Cartel's, Sex peddler's, Gun Runners, Coyotes'. The Mexican border is an Avenue of Approach for all of these folks, Plus Terrorist infiltrators of many factions.

              For reasons stated above. I as President am prepared to place Mechanized military forces along the border with Mexico,These would come with supporting Aviation Elements. For my part i have already identified the Units that would participate in this action, Plus logistical needs.

               As a member of the Scientific community with many years of Energy experience in all of its' aspects, We can safely recover our Two Types of Coal, Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Baggas, Shale Deposits, Hard and Soft woods, And Nuclear Production with no effect upon the Climate that Man can have no effect upon. Hitler went to War for the energy sources to support his Conquest of Europe, By invading those Nations who had them. Japan and Hirohito went to War with it's neighbors in South East Asia to secure the same. As President i will not be accused of going to War for some other Nation's Natural Resources, I will go for ours!

              We create Jobs by stopping Government spending, Borrowing, Loaning what we don't have and wasting what we do. We can create Jobs by holding Government to  zero growth over four years.We can create Jobs by Purging all Government Regulations, Rules, Mandates, Executive Orders, And inner office Dictates, And keep only those of some Merit.

                We can start with funding from the private sector a Second Parallel Grid, And putting distance between it and that now in place.I cannot stress enough the need to get going on a project of this type, I will speak more on this project in ( National Initiatives ).

                 Our return to exporting American products can aid in stabilizing the world's economy, As well as our own.New markets are opening up ,We simply must compete in all of these. High tax rates ,Create high unemployment rates. Tax rates of 25-10-5 could very well add Thirteen Million jobs over a period of four years if instituted.

                  We must defend our dollar, As of this date it is being destroyed in order to prop-up a false Economy, Of superficial people in Washington, DC.


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