The problem of not Term limiting members of the Senate and the Congress is that they will be there long after a President is term limited out. The laws that he enacts with your support are quickly replaced by the petty Legislation of those bodies. Nothing good can be had by allowing members of both houses linger for more than eight years also.

         We must end all Automatic pay raises for both houses.

          Have our Politicians purchase their own life Insurance.

          Have them wait for three years after retirement before seeking work as a Lobbyist.

           Consolidate all Government travel, Travel only when urgent to do so.

           Make, And insure this time that no Government aircraft are made available for their personal usage.

            My plan is to cut the White House by thirty percent,I will have both houses follow suit.

             I will require  Rider-Free bills of these folks They may keep their ambitions to themselves'.

              There will be no Cumbersome Limo's in use, SUV's will fill the bill.

               I will give all 445 members less work to do, By cutting the Government they have grown. They will contribute to our Nations recovery, They will not stand in the way of  a future for our young people.

               I will campaign against every Politician, That votes against what is good for this nation. And the people will have a say in what that might be.

             We must become a Nation of doers, Not dreamers. We must act in concert now to overcome, What has became of us.

             All bills will come thru the House and Senate,I am not Lazy, And i have some idea about what is needed legislation wise.

            All of eight months will be needed to unravel most of the tangled mess of the Federal System, Vigilance, And the follow- up will will be ongoing.

            We are now , And will be crossing dangerous ground after the 2016 Election. We must travel fast, The next President will have to know what he has and how to use it.. That President simply cannot be another person right off the streets of Chicago, Or some big city suit with no Moral , Or Normal experience's.

            What has to be done for America, Will have to be done by Americans




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